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Executive search is a specialized type of recruitment, aimed at attracting leading executive and senior management talent to an organization. It also includes the recruitment of highly skilled and in-demand candidates for specific technical roles. Finding the right type of talent is a vital process in the growth and development of your business given that people are the lifeblood of any business and not having or losing senior or specialized talent can create a significant disadvantage to your company. That is where HRCG can come in and help your organization and guide you to help understand your exact need and help find the right talent who will be at your company for the long haul. Some of our services include:

  • Job Vacancy Content Design or Refinement
  • Use of dedicated Search Teams
  • Multiple Sourcing Solutions including Web Recruiting, Professional Networking, Diversity Sourcing and Print Advertising
  • Multi-level Candidate Screening includes Reference and Background Verification
  • Consulting and Facilitation for Internal Selection Board and Committees
  • Development of Final Offer and Packages
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